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Provincial Drug Experts
Monitoring the epidemiological situation related to drugs and drug addiction as well as planning and taking action to counter problems caused by psychoactive substance use requires considering an economic, cultural and social context locally and regionally. Data on drugs and drug addiction and activities implemented at the local community level are collected through the system of cooperation with the network of Provincial Drug Experts.

Upon initiative of the National Bureau for Drug Prevention, Marshal Offices established a network of Provincial Drug Experts in 2001-2002, which was institutionalized in 2005 by virtue of the Act of 29 July 2005 on counteracting drug addiction. The network comprises 16 experts who operate in respective provinces. A close cooperation between Provincial Experts and the National Focal Point of the National Bureau for Drug Prevention in terms of data exchange regarding the epidemiology of drugs and drug addiction at the central and regional level allows for producing 16 Provincial Reports which present the results of monitoring drugs and drug addiction in respective provinces as well as regional actions in response to problems diagnosed.

Provincial Experts also coordinate collecting data on the implementation of the National Programme for Counteracting Drug Addiction by communes. Moreover, in the course of developing the cooperation network under the local monitoring of drugs and drug addiction, representatives of both communal and provincial governments participate in the ongoing process of data, experience and recommendations exchange concerning effective anti-drug strategies. The aim of the local monitoring is to follow psychoactive and psychotropic substance use and abuse patterns as well as examine social and institutional responses. A systematic observation of the situation allows for updating the diagnosis, which helps develop programmes adequate to the needs and their subsequent evaluation.

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