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Local monitoring
One of the four key reforms conducted in Poland in 1999, i.e. the local administration reform, aimed at increasing competences of local governments. Moreover, the National Programme for Counteracting Drug Addiction 1999-2001 for the first time set out tasks for local governments. Pursuant to the Act of 29 July 2005 on counteracting drug addiction communes (gminy) commenced spending alcohol licence funds on counteracting drug addiction at the local level.

Local governments were obliged to design and implement communal programmes for counteracting drug addiction. Moreover, in the existing National Programme 2006-2010 one of the tasks for communes is monitoring drugs and drug addiction. In 2008 under the twinning project with Spain drugs and drug addiction started to be monitored locally. In the course of three training sessions communes were prepared to monitor drugs and drug addiction at the local level and implement pilot monitoring projects. The training involved 62 communes i.e. about 130 participants. Consequently, 41 reports were produced describing the situation of drugs and drug addiction, prevention and treatment actions as well as conclusions and recommendations for local governments. In addition, the second edition of the monitoring handbook was prepared and published as well as a series of professional press articles.

The local drugs and drug addiction monitoring system is supported by the network of Provincial Drug Experts. The experts participate in trainings and coordinate the local monitoring in their provinces. The Information Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (CINN) coordinates this task at the national level. It holds training seminars and provides technical support. Since 2008 a number of trainings and conferences on monitoring the situation of drugs and drug addiction at local level have been organized. The following provinces were involved: mazowieckie, łódzkie, małopolskie, świętokrzyskie, opolskie and zachodniopomorskie. Moreover, the CINN organized two national conferences on monitoring drugs and drug addiction at the local level. In 2010 trainings for new communes of mazowieckie and łódzkie provinces organized by Provincial Experts are continued. Acknowledging the need to develop local actions the National Bureau for Drug Prevention coordinates and supports the local monitoring project and in cooperation with Provincial Experts takes action to extend the local monitoring network by new communes.

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