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Cooperation with EMCDDA
The Information Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (CINN) has cooperated with the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction since 2001.

The CINN is actively involved in developing and implementing the European system of monitoring drugs and drug addiction. The monitoring involves collecting and analyzing data on the scale of the phenomenon and anti-drug activities across Europe and respective European countries. In epidemiology works concentrate mainly on the EMCDDA five key indicators. Moreover, the CINN collects and analyzes data on anti-drug activities, especially demand reduction and harm reduction. The CINN staff and experts of partner institutions participate in annual expert meetings and working groups. The outcome of the  CINN efforts is the annual National Report prepared for the EMCDDA. Additionally, data are reported to the EMCDDA in the form of standard tables and structured questionnaires. National Reports and table data are available on the EMCDDA website. The Early Warning System on new drugs is also part of the cooperation with the EMCDDA.

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