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Implemented projects
The National Focal Point (Information Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction CINN) is implementing and supervising research studies into drugs and drug addiction. The CINN is also taking part in international projects concerning both the epidemiology of drug addiction and the response measures to the problems related.

The research into drugs and drug addiction constitute an important source of information on drugs and drug addiction and provide data on the phenomenon’s scale and causes. The research results form the background for planning and implementing effective strategies against drug-related social and economic problems. This approach meets the EU evidence based policy standards.

The National Focal Point (CINN) conducts research projects as well as commissions and coordinates research by other institutes and scientific centres, social research companies and association. The courses of scientific research are set out in the National Programme for Counteracting Drug Addiction 2011-2016. They include general and school population surveys on drug use and its trends. Moreover, there are qualitative studies in drug users which cover drug use patterns and the related problems. Cohort studies in drug users, cross-sectional studies  on drug-related HIV and HCV morbidity and population estimates of drug users are also recommended.

The NFP (CINN) also participates in international projects serving as the contact point where one can obtain knowledge and data on drugs and drug addiction in Poland. In this framework trainings and research projects are organized, materials and in-depth analyses are produced as well as books and instruction manuals which are later used by respective beneficiaries. Sharing experience with other countries allows for obtaining expert drug-related knowledge and planning response measures in Poland. It also helps to obtain information from foreign sources and implement novel and interesting solutions in the Polish conditions.

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