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National cooperation network
The Information centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (CINN) cooperates with various central/local institutions and NGOs. The Information System on Drugs and Drug Addiction run by the CINN is mainly based on networks of partner entities:

  • Network of central institutions and research institutes (e.g. National Institute of Public Health, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Police Headquarters),
  • Network of Provincial Drug Experts (Marshal Offices),
  • Network of communes monitoring drugs and drug addiction at local level (communes),
  • Network of non-governmental organizations concerned with harm reduction (NGOs),
  • Team of National Bureau for Drug Prevention Experts (Scientists),
  • Network of centres participating in the project on treatment demand.

The cooperation involves annual meetings and conferences which are intended to collect/analyze data and improve the quality of monitoring indicators. European monitoring experience is used in provincial and local monitoring. The information system is utilized for both domestic purposes e.g. monitoring the implementation of the National Programme for Counteracting Drug Addiction and European ones.

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